Ph.D. Degree

Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics requirements

Graduation with the Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics requires 90 credit hours:

  • A minimum of 63 credit hours of departmental coursework and M.A. transfer credits (up to 30 credits)
  • Remaining credits completed by Ph.D. thesis hours (S805)

Coursework will be divided into three areas. Contact the Graduate Office of the department for the number of credits required for each of the following areas:

  • Major area of concentration
  • Second area of concentration
  • Third area of concentration

The Ph.D. requires knowledge of two modern foreign languages or one in-depth language. You may substitute equivalent coursework in computer science or statistics for one of the languages, with the approval of the Director of Hispanic Linguistics and Director of Graduate Studies.

See the University Graduate Bulletin and consult with the Graduate Studies Office for proficiency requirements for each language.

  • At least one 700-level seminar
  • At least three 600-level courses in Hispanic Linguistics

Qualifying examinations

The Ph.D. requires a written examination in each of the three areas of concentration. Once all areas of the written exam have been passed, students sit for a 2-hour oral exam.

The written exams are taken in a series, with one week to complete each portion in each of the three areas of concentration. While the format of the questions varies at the discretion of the examiner, each portion of the written exam will be no more than 30 pages in length. The sequence of three written exams must be completed within the same semester.