Second‑Year Spanish II

HISP-S250 — spring 2023

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Course Description

Prerequisite: HISP-S 200 or equivalent. 

The final basic language course continues the work of HISP-S 200 with emphasis on the four skills and on critical thinking skills.  Writing exercises and short literary and cultural readings are included. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to interpret and reflect on a variety of contemporary issues that were introduced in the first-year Spanish courses. Courses are conducted in Spanish at a level appropriate for the course.  Grades are based on exams, homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a final exam. Homework load is substantial; all homework is done online. After successful completion of this course, the foreign language requirement is fulfilled for schools that require a 4th -semester proficiency. For those students who wish to go on for a minor or major in Spanish, the next course to take would be HISP-S 280 Spanish Grammar in Context. 

We have a equivalent course to take for Heritage speakers.  Instead of taking HISP-S 250 you should take HISP-S 251.

Note:  HISP-S 251 is for Heritage speakers of Spanish.  Students who grew up with Spanish being spoken in the home.

Note:  HISP-S 251 counts the same and HISP-S 250 as it will fulfill the Foreign Language requirement for students who need a 4th year language course.

Note: If you complete HISP-S 250 or HISP-S 251 and it is the first class you have taken in Spanish you may be eligible to claim special credit for HISP-S 200 if

  1. You need to complete HISP-S 251 with a “C” or better.
  2. You do not have S200 on your transcript yet.
  3. You are NOT a native speaker of Spanish.

Note: HISP-S 251 counts the same as HISP-S 250 for the Spanish major and minor degrees.

Note: HISP-S 251 is equivalent to HISP-S 250

To see our HISP active courses and class times for Spring 2023, go to One.IU, Student Center and search on HISP-S for Spanish, HISP-P for Portuguese and HISP-C for Catalan.

HISP-S 250      #2309                        8:00A-8:50A        MWF           GA 0013             
HISP-S 250      #31288                      8:00A-8:50A         MWF           LH 023         
HISP-S 250      #2310                        9:10A-10:00A        MWF           GA 0013             
HISP-S 250      #10985                      9:10A-10:00A        MWF           BH 138               
HISP-S 250      #2311                       10:20A-11:10A         MWF           GA0013                    
HISP-S 250      #2312                       10:20A-11:10A        MWF            SB 220
HISP-S 250      #2314                       11:30A-12:20P        MWF            GA 0013             
HISP-S 250      #4782                       11:30A-12:20P        MWF            ED 1230
HISP-S 250      #2313    HONORS   11:30A-12:20P      MWF            BH 238 
HISP-S 250      #31290                     12:40P-1:30P        MWF           GA 0013             
HISP-S 250      #8050                       12:40P-1:30P        MWF           BH 238               
HISP-S 250      #2315                        1:50P-2:40P         MWF           GA 0013             
HISP-S 250      #5277                        1:50P-2:40P         MWF           BH 237                 
HISP-S 250      #3979                        3:00P-3:50P         MWF           BH 138              
HISP-S 250      #2316                        3:00P-3:50P         MWF           GA 0013          
HISP-S 250      #3505                        3:00P-3:50P         MWF            BH 331               
HISP-S 250      #2317                        4:10P-5:00P         MWF            GA 0011            
HISP-S 250      #8829                        5:20P-6:10P         MWR           ONLINE             
HISP-S 250      #2318                        5:20P-6:10P         MWR            LH 101               
HISP-S 250      #2319                        7:40P-8:30P         MWR           ONLINE               

Note: HISP-S 250  #2313    11:30A-12:20P    MWF     BH 238   is open to Hutton Honors students only.

Note:  HISP-S 250   #8829     5:20P-6:10P      MWR     ONLINE    HD-Distance
              HISP-S 250  #2319     7:40P-8:30P      MWR     ONLINE    HD-Distance

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