Don Quijote

HISP-S450 - Prof. Wagschal — spring 2020

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Steven Wagschal
SB 138
Days and Times
MW 11:15A-12:30P
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Prerequisite:  HISP-S 328 or Consent of Department

 If you read Spanish, then you are prepared to read one of the most important and potentially life-altering books every written! Take it from Thomas Jefferson, who read Cervantes' novel in the original and counseled his daughters to learn Spanish so they could too. Jefferson and the founding fathers often referred to the current events of their day through the prism of conversations between the gentleman from La Mancha and his squire Sancho Panza. Or take it from Sigmund Freud, who learned Spanish so that he could read Don Quixote in the original. In fact, Freud was so obsessed with Cervantes that, in letters to a friend, he would regularly sign his name "Berganza" after one of the Spanish author’s characters. John Steinbeck named his truck "Rocinante" after Don Quixote's horse. When asked about influences on his film-making, Martin Scorcese explained that Cervantes did “everything” first. Don Quixote continues to be a crucial point of reference for modern and postmodern culture, with films, novels, posters, restaurants, bars, operas, ballets, video games, musicals, theatrical works, documentaries, travel routes, paintings, sculptures, cocktails, comic books, ceramics, and more all bearing the name or the profound influence of Cervantes' creation. This course explores the complex fictional worlds of Miguel de Cervantes’ El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha. We will read the complete novel in the original language, in its social, cultural and historical contexts, and investigate the questions it continues to raise about human existence, literary creation, and self-consciousness in fiction, as well as explore Don Quixote in popular culture today.

This course carries CASE AH Breadth of Inquiry credit.

HISP- S 450     #32690      11:15A-12:30P   MW   SB 138    Prof. Steven Wagschal

Note: The above class meets with HISP-S 498 Readings for Honors, #32692.

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